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Spaghetti Made Simple & Easy

Spaghetti is always a great meal to feed numerous people or just to have plentiful left overs. This was my first time making spaghetti and it was so quick and easy for a beginner such as myself. If you are inexperienced in the kitchen like me, I hope this gives you the confidence to try something new.

1 lb of ground beef, Spaghetti noodles, Marinara Sauce, Lawrys seasoned salt, Pizza seasoning, garlic powder, oregano and basil leaves seasoning.

  • On a medium heat pan I added a table spoon of olive oil to the pan before adding the ground beef.

  • Fill a medium size pot with water and add salt. Wait for the water to boil before adding the noodles.
  • Chop the ground beef up as it starts cooking and season the meat according to taste preference with Lawry’s season salt, basil leaves, garlic powder, oregano and pizza seasoning.
  • After the ground beef browns completely add marinara sauce and stir it around saturating the meat with the sauce
  • When noodles expand and are completely cooked (check box directions for chosen pasta) drain the water out
  • Add the meat sauce to the noodles and mix if you desire

I personally added a little sugar to my own bowl of spaghetti because I’m weird like that. LOL! Next time I plan to add more Ingredients such as bell Peppers, garlic and chili powder.

What are some ingredients you use in your Spaghetti you think is worth trying?

Honey Garlic Pork Chops

Moment of truth: I ate pork chops for the first time this year and I loved it. After a bit of confidence from other dishes I decided to give pork chops a try as well. So happy I stumbled upon this recipe as a first timer preparing pork chops. I would recommend this if you prefer a juicy pork chop with less risk of drying out while cooking.

4 boneless pork chops, 1 teaspoon of butter, 2 table spoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, 1/4 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 6 garlic cloves minced, salt & pepper to season pork chops

  • On a medium heat pan Sear pork chops on both sides for 2 mins and season with salt an pepper
  • After mixing ingredients in a bowl, microwave for 10 seconds and stir together before adding to the pork chops cooking
  • The sauce will caramelize around the pork chops marinating them until completion
  • Flip over every 2-3 mins until a desirable burnt crust forms from the caramelization of the Honey Garlic sauce

I paired my Honey Garlic pork chops with bacon-garlic green beans and mashed potatoes. I literally didn’t eat until lunch the next day from being so filled with deliciousness. This was my best dish yet due to me exceeding my expectations. I love to eat, but cooking just might be as satisfying.

What type of pork chops do you enjoy preparing/eating?

Taco Tuesday with Leftover Chicken

Nothing like opening your fridge to what seems like nothing and making a meal out of it. This particular day it happened to be Tuesday which guided my thoughts almost immediately to tacos. Peering over my vast supply of leftover items from other meals, I made a simple connection for what was needed to achieve my craving for Taco Tuesday.

Leftover Chicken, Tortillas,Salsa, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese & Cilantro Sauce

  • I used a medium heat pan to reheat my chicken, also adding 1/2 cups of water to the pan.
  • As the chicken heated up I periodically tossed it round with Taco seasoning and pepper for flavor until the water completely evaporated.
  • I added enough salsa mix to saturate my chicken in and moved the pan to another stove eye to cool.
  • I happened to have a pack of tortillas on hand so I used a small pan to lightly toast both sides of the tortilla.
  • I gathered the toppings of lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese into separate serving dishes, garnishing my shredded lettuce with 4 lime slices.
  • After transferring the taco meat into a serving dish, it was time to set the table and enjoy Taco Tuesday.
  • I found a cup of cilantro sauce that I used as what turned out to be an amazing addition.

I am very pleased with my homemade Taco Tuesday creation and I can’t wait to experiment with extra ingredients. But all in all, a very great use of left over chicken and other ingredients that are easily over looked when dying of hunger.

What toppings do you like for Taco Tuesday?

Lifestyle Change…

Where do I even start with my Lifestyle Change?

After 6 years I woke up one day no longer happy with the life I was living in… I was happy with my artistic discoveries and talent, but not using it for such a censored audience. I just felt as if I had more to share with those whole seek me… Mental Health being one of the most overlooked subjects and sex being one of the most sought after subject gives me a bit of advantage with my platform.

I understand my previous media content will forever be accessible and I truly have no regrets. I am still in the midst of my transition as I paint my true life’s purpose. My current goal is to combine my life experience and passion together. Public speaking is ultimately something I’m interested in once I curb my rough edges with a bit more knowledge and wisdom. Even if other people choose not to believe the sincerity in my change, I’m going to keep pushing forward never looking back on past chapters.

I have made myself accustom to change over the years, but this is by far the toughest challenge. Especially since I’m not willing to accept a time consuming job that undercuts my attention to my self growth. I’m going to remember to be patient with myself in moments of frustration from things not moving as fast as I’m used to. I guess in a weird way I want to be normal… Whatever that is.

The Southernmost Part of The U.S. | Key West

The Key West culture is bound ​by togetherness and love. After all the island is but 4.2 square miles, so it’s best to be friendly. The local restaurants have so much history to them, with some providing blended Cuban culture.
​I found out the hard way that the local kitchens close pretty early, 10:30pm being the average latest unless you don’t mind chain restaurants on your vacation. 

Most of the resorts have just about all you need to have a fun time. Take advantage of the bike rentals, jet ski tours, kayak rentals, even rent a boat if you can and go fishing! Key West should be on your to do list at least once in your life if you love Salt Water (period)… 

Key West has a population Of 26,990 people that live within the boundaries. 
The largest age range being 25-44 years old and the smallest age range being 65+ years old.
Key west is best known for its picture perfect sunsets and it’s Conch Republic independence, With a city motto as 
“One Human Family”.
Florida took a hit from Hurricane Irma in 2017 that drastically affected Key West.
My last trip was 4 years ago and I  can physically see the difference in the beaches. 

Careless liter isn’t helping either, as the Atlantic Ocean drifts it in daily on shore.. 

The Beach, however is still worth experiencing.
Specifically Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

 It’s only a $6.50 entrance fee per vehicle to have so much available to you ! 
There are narrated tours, fishing, snorkeling, paddling, biking, and of course 

​I danced over the scattered pebbles mixed with sand that lead up to the warm turquoise saltwater. 
The almost endless dazzling ocean and ginormous rock structures took my thoughts away from the slight ache on the soles of my feet.

​Every time I touch a rock I always think, “when was the last time someone picked it up, when did it’s life as a rock begin?”
I am always grateful whenever my life’s journey intertwines with a natural life form of unknown generations. 

Everyone has their own opinion of the best time to visit the beach. I’ll tell you my favorite part of the day… it’s called ANYTIME! Setting up for the perfect spot can sometimes depend on the mood. The closer to the water the better for me, as I enjoy taking naps one the beach. 
$30/hour is all it cost to rent beach chairs and an umbrella during the hottest part of the day in Key West. As I took in the gentle waves playing around the rocks thru my sunglasses, the warm breeze dancing on my skin, with Drake’s  “Nothing was the same” album playing from my boom box, I mentally checked into serenity. 

Spirit Airline Should Be Just That, A SPIRIT!

It’s no secret Spirit Airline is one of the worst airlines EVER! 

  • The “pre-reclined” seats
  • Hidden Baggage Fees
  •  Non-Complimentary Beverages & Snacks on board
  • and Constant Delays!!!!

My first time using this airline last summer I thought I was getting a good deal unit it came time to check both of my bags from the West Coast back to the East Coast…
Let’s just say I was hoping I would never have to use that airline ever again.
Welp, last month I was left with no choice to buy a last minute flight from Miami, FL. to to my hometown Richmond, VA. It was the only flight that would get get me there with enough time to attend my father’s funeral service. As much as I hated spirit, I would have never forgiven myself for missing the last chance to see my father in the flesh. Considering the circumstances, I was just happy that Spirit Airline could het me there in time. 
My trip I planned for my 25th birthday was everything but smooth. There was no other airline but Spirit Airline set to travel from Fort Lauderdale, FL into Baltimore,MD  that day, so I was left ultimately no choice. My departure flight I booked the unofficial First-Class seat in the second row that had slightly bigger seats. My flight was delayed about 30 minutes, but after called for my boarding group I mentally zoned out. The seats were bigger and has some cushion in it compared to the other hard seats. But as usual I declined the snacks since I bought some myself prior to boarding.  
Now the flight back home sincerely made a good weekend trip a nightmare.
My flight was set for a 9:30am departure that Monday, so I woke up about 6am to prepare myself for the trip home. By 7am I was in my Uber heading to the airport while reminiscing over my birthday trip. After squeezing thru the hustle and bustle of other passengers focused on their route ahead, I made it to a self check-in kiosk to print my ticket.
“Flight Delayed-new departure time 2pm”
My heart nearly leaped out of my chest when I cancelled and re-entered my confirmation number to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me!
My mind racing, I decided to just head back to my hotel room and wait it out until noonish. The alternative plan sounded great, but according to my spirit flight updates they had other plans. Due to them pushing the departure times back every 2 hours, I had to extend my hotel stay for an extra day. By 4pm when I internally lost hope – the email I received had confirmed the flight was now cancelled.
Immediately I called to rebook a flight with the credits I had acquired from the cancellation. Something inside said don’t trust it, but I agreed with the customer service agent to book the same flight time for the following morning.
Tuesday morning I woke up at the same time eager to finally get back home. 
Before packing my bag this time I figured I would check the flight to make sure nothing changed.
“Flight Cancelled but we confirmed you for a new flight to Charlotte, NC”

That’s not even close enough for me to just rent a car and drive the rest of the way if I wanted to.
Calling them back this time wouldn’t be to find another flight, but a simple refund at this point…
The phone associate completed the refund for me and off I went looking for a new flight and airline. Instead of flying out of Baltimore, I flew out of Washington D.C. about an hour away. It was well worth it and my ticket was cheaper with American Airlines. Plus I was able to no fly into Miami closer to home. Best of all, I now didn’t have to pay extra ($37) for my carry on bag I traveled with. As I write this I am sipping on a free ginger ale and enjoying my complimentary pretzels.
​Happy 25th Birthday to me and my long suffering patience 🦋