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Since my obvious exposure on the internet, I have received more strangers who like to make their opinions matter to me… Nothing like a blank account with no followers being run by some miserable hag. I just feel sorry for their cowardly nature of hiding behind a profile they intentionally made for the purpose of trolling. Me personally, I hate completing a sign up form with my own information… So I’m not going to take the time to make a fake account. That’s honestly the first sign of being personally bothered to the point you want to keep communication but anonymously.

Checking my social media used to bring me Anxiety naturally when I would see the many notifications. I found myself trying to keep up with my account throughout the day to monitor any unwanted comments on my profile. Checking my inbox wasn’t too stressful since hate mail just ended with a swift block button. Of course some of these obsessed creatures have made new fake accounts with attempts to get a response. My most recent “trollers” are a bit confused because they aren’t sure how to offend me anymore.

Messages of Hate should only be received as love because the trolls are so extremely concerned for your life and they just want attention for expressing it. But I have learned not everything deserves a response… Attention is fuel.

What are some experiences you’ve had with social media trolls?